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“Triple Dipping” LeBron James

July 9, 2018

Now LeBron James has surpassed the fictional “George Costanza” by “triple dipping” and to me it rates just as high, on a slightly different “disgusting” meter.

James recently chose to change teams for a third time, leaving Cleveland for a second time and adding to L.A.’s history of getting other team’s great players (James is certainly one of those).

There are differences in the circumstances and bottom line player results in the L.A, and specifically the Lakers,’ history of getting the greats, starting with a transaction 50 years ago, when they acquired the great player, Wilton Norman Chamberlain.

In future posts, I will examine some of that history.


If you know why, in cryptic fashion, the above is pictured, write in and get your name and praise from

Certainly a hint is that today is the 50th anniversary of the 76ers dealing Wilt to the Lakers.

I did not know this was the date.

As stated above, I knew it was 50 years and thought it to be any of say 50 to 100 days after the Celtics had beaten the Lakers, yet again in the ’68 NBA final series in May.

Today, I decided to “vent” re James and knew the L.A. history, starting with Wilt 50 years ago. Why could not/has not this prescience “paid off?!!”

Another hint and editorial comment–at least when L.A. got Wilt, it was in a trade. One other thing, I always rooted for Wilt and stayed a Lakers’ fan of epic proportions for 20 years.


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