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NHL Final Notes

July 2, 2018

The recent victory in the NHL Final/Stanley Cup Final by the Washington Capitals, raised the record of teams that were in and by definition, won 7 game semi-final series vs finalist teams that did not play in #7/semis, to (14-5) since expansion, sans an expansion division (1971).

For some reason, teams that are Canada based (this and tariffs too–a play on the 1840 U.S. presidential election, guess there was no bad weather for the inaugural 176 years later) are not winning titles. Perhaps they are not “allowed.”

They do, however, have the small consolation of having four of the five victories when a finalist that did not play a 7 game “semi” won, vs one that had.

Thrice the once glorious Montreal Canadiens accomplished the feat (1971 vs Chicago, 1993 vs Los Angeles and before that vs fellow Canada based Calgary in 1986. By the way, in ’89 Calgary 6’d the Habs and me).

In 1988, Canada based Edmonton beat Boston. That made 4 titles in 5 seasons for Edmonton. Eventually that became 5 in 7 seasons as they won it all, again vs Boston in 1990. Unlike in ’88, Boston had not played a 7 game semi-final series. In ’96 Colorado swept Florida, the latter having won a game 7/semi.




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