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More Warriors And Other Final Series Notes

June 30, 2018

The Warriors have now won 6 NBA titles, two as the Philadelphia Warriors, tying the Chicago Bulls for third place for the most NBA crowns achieved.

The Boston Celtics have “John Havlicek”/17 titles, one more than the Los Angeles Lakers, who won 5 in the land of lakes, Minneapolis, hence the team nickname.

While the Warriors have 5 title series wins in 5 or less games, the Bulls have just one. (1991 vs the Lakers). Of course the Bulls are (6-0) in NBA Final series play.

The Celtics won just 4 of their 17 titles in 5 games or less (’59 and ’65 vs the Lakers, ’61 vs the Hawks and ’64 vs the Warriors). By the way Boston, similar to the Warriors vs the Cavs and their top player, LeBron James, who is now (3-6) in final series play, having been swept twice, won 3 of 4 final series clashes vs the St. Louis Hawks, that over a 5 season period (1957-1961).

As with the Warriors vs the Cavaliers, Boston won the first, third and fourth such clash. The Warriors and Cavs met in 4 straight NBA final series which is unprecedented in any major North American sports league.

The Lakers match the Warriors with 5 final series victories in 5 games or less but that is but 5 of 16. Of course they have 16 to the Warriors 6 and each franchise has won many titles with the great Jerry West contributing mightily as a team “architect.”


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