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More Warriors’ Notes

June 17, 2018

The Golden State Warriors not only became the first franchise to sweep the NBA Final Series twice, but also are the first to win a 7 game semi-final series and then sweep the subsequent final as many as two times.

In 1975, a year/’74-’75 season, in which their fellow 2018 champion, the first year, Washington Capitals had an 8 win, 67 loss, 5 tie record, “G.S.” won #7 at home vs the Chicago Bulls, before sweeping another Washington team, the Bullets, in the final series.

Both teams “broomed out” (a one time employer implored me to “broom out” the area quicker, so he could get home. I was “killing his sex life,” he quipped and all of it resonates this Father’s Day, including my incredible recall for things, often not important, such as this “information”) in the final series by “G.S.,” defeated the Boston Celtics in semi-final series that ended on a Sunday (the Bullets in ’75 and the Cavs this past season).


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