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Caps’ Omens And Notes Regarding Their Title

June 11, 2018

There were many signs that the Washington Capitals were going to win the NHL crown this just completed season, all along the forty years since the Bullets title, CAPPED by it being the same date these forty years later.

Most significant and relevant to today’s sports is the Caps played the part of the mid 90’s Detroit Red Wings, who twice failed to end a long title drought with the best regular season record, (’95 and ’96) only to win it, without the top mark, in 1997.

The title in 1997 ended a 42 year Wings’ title drought and Detroit won it again without the top record in 1998.

The Caps in their 41st and 42nd completed seasons (1975-2017, with no NHL season in 2005), failed to even reach the semis, despite having the best record in the regular season.

Now they win it all in their 43rd season (43 and 42 are close) a la the “Vogues”/Red Wings, without the best regular season record.

There will be more notes on the Capitals’ title in the days and weeks ahead.


The Capitals clinched all four playoff series, en route to the title on the road.

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