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50 Years Since Robert Kennedy Was Killed And All Of It Haunts

June 4, 2018

Fifty years ago tonight, the darkness came and perhaps never left, as a man who had sought the better angels and changed for the far better, Robert F. Kennedy, was killed just after winning the California Primary.

Only one city with a large black population had no problems after another horror on the 4th, 2 months earlier, when the brilliant Martin Luther King was killed and that was Indianapolis.

The biggest reason peace manifested that fateful night was that  Mr. Kennedy stood on a flatbed truck in that city and talked to the audience, expressing his feelings when his brother John F. Kennedy, the U.S. President was killed and saying reacting with violence was not the answer then nor that night in 1968.

It is of course not the answer and neither is hatred and unfair persecution, such as that spewed by a man Robert Kennedy worked for, Senator Joseph McCarthy and his assistant Roy Cohn.

Cohn is in my opinion and many other people’s rivaled only by J.Edgar Hoover, for let’s just say not being nice, a vast understatement as to what they were. p

Kennedy sought his “better angels” and moved far away from McCarthy and his ways.

The current U.S. President, “D.J.” Trump has not even come close to doing so regarding his mentor, the same Roy Cohn.

Perhaps some day he will, but then again he owns that proverbial “land in Florida” and so much else, currency accepted here, however, likely not where he is going next.


If nothing else, consider Mr. Kennedy’s successful effort to look inside himself, reach, read, consult and most of all, work on improving himself.

This is really very difficult to do. I know!!

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