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The Cavaliers Sweep The Raptors

May 8, 2018

While the top ranked Houston Rockets, defending champion Golden State Warriors and surprising Boston Celtics return home with (3-1) NBA quarterfinal series leads, the Cleveland Cavaliers are in the NBA semi-finals for a FOURTH straight season after a FOUR game sweep of the East top seed, Toronto Raptors in their NBA quarterfinal series.

In routing the Raptors in game 4, the Cavaliers covered the spread for the first time in 6 home ‘offs games this season after four straight win/no cover results, including two decided by game ending shots from the great player, LeBron James.

It is a truly disappointing end to the Raptors’ season, being swept by the Cavaliers in the “quarters” for the second straight season and beaten by them for the third consecutive season.

In their 23 seasons (Mr. James as did Mr. Jordan wears that number), Toronto has made but one NBA semi-final losing to Cleveland in six games in 2016.

The Raptors are (2-12) vs Cleveland in the ‘offs, all three series losses in the past three seasons. In that time period,the Cleveland Indians “semi’d” the Toronto Blue Jays in 5 games in 2016. Toronto teams are (3-16) vs Cleveland teams in the post season, (0-9) in Cleveland.

In 1993, my father was still alive, there was no wild card presence in baseball and two teams from Canada won major North American sports league titles, the once glorious Montreal Canadiens in the NHL and a second straight crown for the Blue Jays.

When Joe Carter homered to give the Jays a second straight title, my father called my mother’s name for her to see what was shown next.

My father never saw another baseball game, true baseball was gone the next season with the wild card presence and one wonders (last night the lone remaining team from Canada, in the NHL, the Winnipeg Jets lost at home to the Nashville Predators, meaning they must win #7 at Nashville to make the semis) if any team from Canada is allowed to/will ever win it all again.







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