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Too Early Top 2 Meetings In Each Conference, But Compelling NHL “Quarters”

April 26, 2018

The NHL playoffs system emphasizing division play, ranking teams within their divisions, has manifested in “too early”/quarterfinal meetings between the top teams in both conferences.

The top two Western and for that matter NHL/league seeds, the perhaps obscure Nashville Predators and Winnipeg Jets will meet this season in a “too early to clash,” quarter in the Western Conference.

Meanwhile in the East, top seed Tampa Bay (Lightning) and second seed Boston (Bruins) are also clashing in “too early” quarterfinal series.

Why not rank teams by points alone?

Alas, as stated before, these “quarters” are compelling with amazing first year team Las Vegas (Golden Knights) having home advantage vs San Jose (Sharks) and another Pittsburgh (Penguins) vs Washington (Capitals) rounding out the slate.


Las Vegas Golden Knights’ goaltender, Marc-Andre Fleury, pictured above, was part of 3 title teams with the Penguins, most notably as the starting goaltender in 2009. He also contributed mightily, winning the first two rounds in last year’s Pens’ title run.

He allowed but three goals in 4 games (one a 2 overtime tilt, the only one of 37 first round NHL games, not in the Wash/Columbus series [4 of those 6, hence 5 of 43 total games went into overtime after a record 18 last season], that went into overtime) vs the L.A. Kings.






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