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NHL Update: Only One (2-2) Series But The Potential And Likely “Quarters” Look Very Good

April 20, 2018

Four games have been played in all eight NHL preliminary series and only one, “the all road team wins,” Washington (Capitals) vs Columbus (Blue Jackets) series stands at two games apiece.

In short, with six of the seven “tilted” series (either over or (3-1) going toward the higher seeded team and with a paucity of overtime games, (only four juxtaposed with a record 18 in last year’s “prelims”), this has not been a compelling first round in the NHL ‘offs.

However, there are still games to be played and one series is (2-2). Moreover, the “quarters” are shaping up nicely, a by product of first round favorites winning.

Already there is a Las Vegas/San Jose quarter that is set (each swept its prelim, the San Jose Sharks doing so, sans home advantage).

Likely, but not definite, the two top points teams, Nashville (Predators) and Winnipeg (Jets) will clash, as is the likely, but not definite, case which would match the two top points teams in the Eastern Conference, the Tampa Bay Lightning and Boston Bruins.

Now with the Washington Capitals showing some indication of shedding their historic ‘offs woes by winning both in Columbus, there may well be a third straight, compelling Pittsburgh (Penguins), the two time champions, led by the great Sidney Crosby, vs “Wash” quarterfinal series.


The great Sidney Crosby, pictured above. He has been brilliant thus far in the ‘offs and while I think it will be so tough for he and his classy, great team to title a third straight time, the fact that one in my opinion, so lacking in talent and more important tact, Michael Wilbon is so against them, maybe just maybe, Crosby and the Pens will prevail.

I do not really care either way, but Crosby has proven his greatness, playing a sport, not nearly Jonas Salk work, but certainly providing a better society rung than barking out opinions, often ridiculous and certainly not scrutinized, regarding sports, which is Wilbon’s role.

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