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Amazing Las Vegas (Golden Knights) And The San Jose Sharks Very Likely To Be “Quarters” Opponents

April 17, 2018

Only two of the eight NHL preliminary/first round series stand (3-0), (Columbus did win the first two games at perennial ‘offs disappointment, Washington, with game 3 tonight in Columbus).

Both regular season division winning, amazing first year team, Las Vegas (Golden Knights) vs the L.A. Kings and San Jose (Sharks) vs the Anaheim Ducks, are in the Pacific Division, and almost certainly will clash in the NHL quarterfinal round. Each can wrap up their

Las Vegas, the first expansion team in any of the four major North American sports leagues, to win a non expansion regular season entity and I believe just the second expansion team to make the playoffs without being in an expansion division (the NHL had an expansion division, the NHL West for 3 seasons (’68-’70) while the ’67 Chicago Bulls made the NBA ‘offs as 8 of the 10 teams in the loop that year qualified “Chi” doing so with a poor (33-48) record), now very likely will be the first such team to win a playoffs series. They are a truly amazing team and story, alas a great “danger” to the Las Vegas sports books, already having rewarded bettors and may cause even more “damage,” if they win the conference and/or the big prize, the Stanley Cup.

Meanwhile San Jose, just two years removed from an NHL final appearance, a 6 game loss to Pittsburgh (Penguins), but out of the ‘offs last season, will be at most a slight underdog vs Las Vegas, in what likely would/will be a most interesting series.



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