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Penn State vs Utah In Tonight’s N.I. T. Final

March 29, 2018

Tonight at Madison Square Garden, Penn State is a four point favorite vs Utah in the championship game of the N.I. T. (National Invitational Tournament).

Penn State eased by Mississippi State in one of last Tuesday’s semi-final games, while Utah battled back to defeat Western Kentucky.

I have fond memories of a Thursday night N.I.T. semi in 1976, that I attended with my father. Both games were close and in the final on the following Sunday, Kentucky, two years away from a title team, defeated the Cedric Maxwell led North Carolina Charlotte team.

In 1981, both Maxwell, the Final round MVP, and Rick Robey of the ’76 and title ’78 Kentucky teams, were members of the title team, Boston Celtics.

See the source image

When I think of Utah basketball, Jerry Chambers,pictured above comes to mind.

Though on the third place team (they did play consolation/third place games then), Chambers was voted the most outstanding player of the 1966 NCAA national semis and final game(s).


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