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NCAA Tournament Update: Michigan/Loyola Of Chicago Advance To The National Semis/Final Four

March 25, 2018

Michigan, (winners in 6 straight (6-1) national semis/final four games and (6-1) all time), has been established as a 5 plus point “fave” vs 11 seed, South Regional winner, Loyola of Chicago, in what likely will be the first “semis” tilt next Saturday.

The 11th seed, Ramblers (4-0) (4-0) eased by Kansas State, to make just their second national semi ever, the other in 1963, when they won it all.

Meanwhile Kansas State was denied for a 7th straight time in a regional final after having won their first three and four of their first six. They have not made the national semis/final four since 1964.

The Wolverines of “Mich” no covered Florida State, winning by 4 points, as perhaps inexplicably, FSU did not foul down 4 points with 8 seconds left. That added to a “dog run” that is now (15-3), starting with the eight games played in round of 32 action, last Sunday.







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