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1969 World Series Teams

March 17, 2018

The first Mets game, albeit one in spring training, after news of Ed Charles’ death, was played vs the Baltimore Orioles.

Perhaps symbolically, it ended in a (4-4) tie.

That leaves me to some baseball thoughts on the two 100 or more wins, teams that clashed in the 1969 World Series.

A victorious Mets’ team, tremendous long shots when the season began, did win 100 games and were a tremendous team, with excellent pitching and a team in the field and at bat, platooned at many positions, that played fundamental baseball, under manager Gil Hodges.

They bid for the division title the next season and with many of the same players went to the seventh game of the 1973 World Series, before losing to an Oakland Athletics’ team, that won the middle/second of three straight World Series crowns.

Tomorrow, a look at a truly great, but perhaps slightly underachieving, Baltimore Orioles team (s).


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