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Thoughts Flow Stimulated By Watching Two Iconic Films, “On The Waterfront” and “The Hustler”

March 1, 2018

Yesterday, Dr. H.T. turned 63 and apparently celebrated with a nice lunch with his otherwise all female family.

Some juxtaposition follows as within 24 hours, I viewed two iconic films, “On The Waterfront” sans commercials on TCM, which currently is airing a great interview conducted by Ben Mankiewicz with Faye Dunaway for its “Backlot” members and “The Hustler” with the so annoying ads, on Movies.

I turned 26 and Dr. H.T. regarded those at my childish but in some sense, stimulating party, as “so involved in comparisons, so intense in the often “apples vs oranges” which/who/whom/ is better.”

That went through my mind as the two great films cited above had something else in common, in addition to their greatness.

One at the party claimed “Waterfront” as his and the other did so regarding “Hustler.”

As with the annual, upcoming Academy Awards the comparison is “apples/oranges” but in this case it would be or was between two incredibly, moving, timeless works that endure.


Some great scenes in another great film, “Save The Tiger” starring Jack Lemmon.

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