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Winning Home ‘Offs Games To Make The Super Bowl Notes

February 25, 2018

The current NFL champion Philadelphia Eagles and Seattle Seahawks, each have (6-0) home playoffs game records en route to their 3 Supe appearances, with each team (1-2) in Super Bowl play.

That (6-0) mark tops the list of teams with no road wins, in years they made the Super Bowl.

However, Washington went (7-0) at home in making their first three Super Bowl appearances, going (2-0) (slots and title game wins in ’72 and ’83), but needed and attained 3 home wins to make and win the Supe in strike marred 1982 (hence an added ‘offs game).

Washington is (3-2) in Supes, also winning in strike marred 1987 and in 1991. Both of those Supe triumphs followed baseball titles, the only titles for any current Minnesota based team, (the Minneapolis Lakers with the great George Mikan and Jim Pollard), won 5 NBA crowns), by the Minnesota Twins.

In ’87, the streak of 7 straight home ‘offs wins en route to a “Wash” (speaking of Wash, will it ever stop raining?!) Supe appearance, was snapped when they won at Chicago, vs the Bears in the slots/division round game.

Subsequently, “Wash” won the ’87 and ’91 title tilts at home along with a slot 1 “div” round win at home vs Atlanta in ’91.

Thus “Wash” in 5 Supe appearances, achieved such with 10 of the 11 required wins at home.

The Steelers have made eight Super Bowls, winning six. They won 7 of the required 8 games at home en route to an amazing 4 titles in six seasons from (’74-’79), with the ’74 title game win vs John Madden’s Raiders, the only road win among the eight.

Pittsburgh also rode a pair of home wins, the usual slots and title game variety, to Supe appearances in ’08 and ’10, splitting the two Supes, winning the former. Thus in 7 of their 8 Supe appearances, Pittsburgh won 13 of the required 14 games to gain entry to the game at home.

However, completely against their historical pattern, the Steelers won three road games to make and eventually win the ’05 season Super Bowl. Thus 13 of their 17 wins, netting them eight Supe appearances, were achieved at home.


The great George Mikan is pictured above.

Yesterday, I reviewed an interview Sunshine Chance Smith and I (is it me and where is she?) conducted with the eloquent, great broadcaster, Marty Glickman.

In it, Mr. Glickman divulged one of his most memorable broadcasts/best games was an NBA All-Star tilt, in which George Mikan “grinning ear to ear” calmly sank two free tosses(ode to Joe Tait and Anna Fields for the “ode”) to send the game into overtime.



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