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Baseball Exhibition Begins Today

February 23, 2018

All 30 major league baseball teams are in action this afternoon, as exhibition games commence.

In a redux of last year’s National League one game “5 teams to 4” game, the Arizona Diamondbacks, who won that tilt, face the Colorado Rockies.

Elsewhere, two games match teams that made last year’s baseball tournament, with the World Champion Houston Astros hosting the Washington Nationals and the Boston Red Sox hosting the Minnesota Twins.

Other than the Astros, who went (11-7), (the 7 post-season losses, a record number for a title team), the other three teams failed to win a round in last year’s tournament.

The Astros (3-1’d) the Red Sox in one “quarter,” while the 2016 champion Cubs continued the Nationals post-season woes, winning a decisive 5th game in Washington D.C.

It was the third such loss for Washington, which still has never made a “semi” as the Washington Nationals, having made just one in 48 completed seasons (as the Montreal Expos, the franchise also lost a decisive home 5th game, that a “semi” vs the Dodgers, which followed the lone post-season series victory in franchise history, that also in a decisive 5th game, a road “strike induced, extra round” win on the road, dethroning the defending champion, Philadelphia Phillies).

The New York Yankees, exhibition season whirlwinds and surprise playoff team, a year ago, took out the Twins in the “5 teams to 4 game,” overcoming a 3 run deficit right away. It was the fourth win in as many post-season entities for the Yankees, vs the Twins.


George Springer of  the World Series champion, Houston Astros, pictured above.



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