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Supe Notes And Eagles/Astros First Time

February 13, 2018

The record of teams with previous Super Bowl victories vs teams sans such a win, fell to a still imposing (21-8) when Philadelphia now (1-2) in Supes beat New England which is (5-5).

Only the Patriots, winning one (in ’01 vs the Rams) and this most recent loss have been involved in more than one of the eight games in which a team won its first Super Bowl vs a previous such winner.

Another link between the current baseball and football champions, the Astros and Eagles (recall the great Philadelphia vs Houston ’80 NLCS) is that the Astros/Eagles first time World Series and Supe wins respectively, marked just the third time, first time winners emerged the same year/season.

The other two were in successive years, the aforementioned Patriots with the Arizona Diamondbacks in ’01 and the Tampa Bay Bucs with the Angels in ’02.


The iconic Philadelphia Phillies’ broadcaster (he did much else including work for NFL Films) Harry Kalas pictured above.

Perhaps this photo goes back to his days with the Houston Astros which included calling Ed Mathews’ 500th home run.

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