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New England Patriots’ Notes

January 16, 2018

The excellence of the New England Patriots can be illustrated in many forms and with many facts.

Here is one that shows their sustained great play, especially in the regular season. The great play in the “reg” has afforded New England major, well deserved playoffs advantages. Consider the following.

This Sunday’s earlier (AFC) title tilt, at New England will be the 16th time, N.E. is the host team in an AFC playoff game in their last 18 such games.

After just 6 home games in 11 AFC ‘offs games from (’01-’06 ), a period in which the Patriots won 3 Super Bowls and made 4 AFC title games/NFL semis, they have hosted one wild card game, 9 “slots”/division round games (’07,’10-’17) and counting this Sunday, 6 AFC Title/semi-final games (’07, ’11, ’12, ’14, ’16 and ’17).

The only New England road games in the referenced 18 playoff game span, were a pair of losses at Denver, in the ’13 and ’15 AFC Championship games.


An all time sports great, Tom Brady, pictured above.

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