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‘Bama Title Season, Presidential Notes

January 10, 2018

The Alabama title won in the incredible championship game, Monday past, is the school’s eleventh Associated Press crown.

Some may have noted U.S. President, Donald Trump a Republican, was at the game, leaving at halftime and apparently missing another overtime thriller, in which a Georgia team was dealt a heartbreaking loss. (Mr. Trump stopped watching the most recent Supe, missing his buddy Robert Kraft’s New England team’s great comeback win, vs the Atlanta Falcons).

Perhaps Mr. Trump’s Republican presence helped the Alabama karma, as for the first time, the Tide have won it all with a Republican President in office. (Their 1992 title under Gene Stallings, Bear Bryant and current coach Nick Saban(o) have 5 titles each at ‘Bama, was gained on January 1, 1993, 19 days before Bill Clinton was inaugurated, thus G.H. Bush, a Republican, was in as a so called “lame duck” President.

Otherwise the other 9, really 10 Tide titles, were won with Democrats as U.S. President.

Leroy Jordan, Bear Bryant and John F. Kennedy in 1961, Joe Namath (1964), Steve Sloan (1965) with Lyndon Johnson both years.

Mr. Bryant’s ’78 and ’79 crowns were with Jimmy Carter in office, while as stated, the ’92 crown with Stallings and a player I saw have a great game and help beat DeMatteo (somewhere there is footage of me running along the sidelines in a white jacket, as the then Derrick Owens, Lassic at ‘Bama and now, scored a touchdown for coach Joe Casarella and North Rockland High School), Derrick Lassic was accomplished with W.J. Clinton, having been elected.

The previous 4 ‘Bama titles under coach Nick Saban were with Barack Obama (note the “bama” in his name) as the President.

There is one “big” difference between the 5 other presidents in office when Alabama won the title and Barack Obama. Can you guess the answer?

The answer is the other 5 presidents have a “J” “leading off” one of their names. A “breakdown” follows: (I hope to have an additional breakdown of the scintillating Alabama/Georgia title game) two first names, (“J”ohn F. Kennedy and “J”immy Carter), middle names for Clinton and Trump and a last name for Lyndon B.”J”ohnson.

Perhaps the proximity of the first letter of Mr. Obama’s middle name, “H” (for that matter the one in Mr. Bush’s,  still in office for the ’92 crown, as stated above),  a scant two letters from “J” in the alphabet, can serve as a reminder, this country so desperately needs, to become far more united, after all, it is The United States.


The great Alabama football coach, Nick Saban pictured above.

Click below to see Derrick Lassic, then Derrick Owens “wrap up” brilliant touchdown run. I believe it was 1987 not 1986 but kudos for digging up the video.

Maybe I am one of the people shown running on the field but I am not the man shown behind the end zone.

I ran on the field praised Derrick and invited Mr. Casarella on my television show. He accepted and was a great guest.

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