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Amazing Titans/Oilers And Falcons Wins And Coincidences

January 7, 2018

Last season, 9 of 11 (oh those numbers!) favorites covered the spread in the NFL postseason, culminating in New England’s amazing comeback win and “cover” in the 51st and first overtime Super Bowl vs the Atlanta Falcons.

Yesterday both (already as many as last season) underdogs not only covered pretty big point spreads, but won outright, first the Tennessee Titans (the “comeback score”) and next, perhaps fittingly the Atlanta Falcons.

What can be said about the woeful playoffs record, especially at home of the Kansas City Chiefs and their coach Andy Reid, whose home ‘offs woes precede his tenure as K.C. coach.

Yesterday I mistakenly shut off the tilt, “vibed” the phone would call Tennessee first and they did. I should have known as the K.C. lead at the half, was the comeback score of (21-3).

Nobody but me, but alas too late, this is the 40th season of NFL wild card round play (1978-2017). On the first day in this round’s history, the winners were the Atlanta Falcons and the team that became the Tennessee Titans, the Houston Oilers.

Yesterday the two “barked” outright at minimum 10 to 1 odds.

Next Atlanta goes to Philadelphia, the team they beat in the first wild card game ever, 39 years and six days before yesterday’s win.

If the heavily favored Jacksonville Jaguars get the “faves” back on track, by at least winning, never mind covering, the Titans nee Oilers will sojourn to New England as they after their wild card game win at Miami in 1978.

Meanwhile if the Bills make the dogs three for three at what would have originally been around 50 to 1 odds, the Titans would go to Pittsburgh where their ancestral Oilers went for the ’78 title tilt after beating New England in the slots/division round. Pittsburgh ripped Houston en route to their third Supe crown in 5 seasons, winning (34-5).


The Titans nee Oilers gained revenge for two losses at the hands of the Chiefs nee Texans, including the 1962, 2 overtime, AFL Title tilt loss. (the program shown above.)

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