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Rams/Falcons, (Mostly Rams’) Notes

January 5, 2018

Saturday’s second game, the second of four wild card round tilts, matches the Los Angeles Rams and defending NFC champion, Atlanta Falcons.

This will be the first postseason clash between the two franchises in this the “younger” (The Rams once had a tremendous player named Tank Younger) Falcons’ 51st season and 47th season in which an ‘offs tilt between the two teams was possible.

The Rams (4-5) in wild card round games lost their only previous home tilt in this round to the New York Giants, as part of the ’84 season. That game was the first of 8 ‘offs wins for the Giants under Bill Parcells, (three each in Super Bowl winning seasons in both ’86 and ’90 and a wild card round win in ’85).

Only the Rams have ever hosted a postseason game in as many as three locales/incarnations and tomorrow night they will host an ‘offs game in their second L.A. incarnation, in this their second season, playing there after their move back from St. Louis.

The Rams also played in and won the 1945 NFL Title as the Cleveland Rams, winning the crown, vs the great Sammy Baugh and Washington.

Their other locales/incarnations also produced one title, the one in Los Angeles won vs the great Otto Graham and Cleveland in L.A. in 1951 and as the St.Louis Rams vs the Tennessee Titans as part of the ’99 season, despite a stellar effort by Steve McNair, whose demise in a plane crash puts or should all of this in perspective.

St. Louis’ 1999 title was won at a neutral site in the league’s 34 Super Bowl “on the #,” with Al Michaels, tomorrow’s Rams/Falcons earliest round announcer on that year’s NFL final/Supe.

Tomorrow even more Rams/Falcons notes, with (cue Mildred Dunnock, who said similar in both the play and movie based on Arthur Miller’s iconic “Death Of A Salesman”) “ATTENTION paid” to the Falcons’ ‘offs history as well.





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