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More College Football “Semis” Notes And A Bit Of A Prediction

January 1, 2018

All this week, there will be some great NFL ‘offs notes, however, today a preview, tomorrow a review, of the two college football “semis,” being played today.

The four participants in the two tilts today (Georgia minus 2 and a fraction vs Oklahoma in The Rose Bowl/semi beginning at 5 P.M. Eastern Time and Alabama, a field goal “fave” vs Clemson in the “Sugar,” commencing at 8:30 Eastern Time) won at least one Associated Press and consensus “mythical” national titles within “Oklahoma title book ended” 6 year/7 season periods from (1975-1981) and (1979-1985).

Actually, “Bama,” which won 4 titles under current coach Nick Saban during the (Barack) (O)bama administration, also won the ’78 crown under Paul “Bear” Bryant, (USC won the UPI version), before repeating as champions, (the last of Bryant’s 5 A.P./consensus crowns) in ’79.

Georgia led by Herschel Walker took the title in ’80, followed by Clemson in 1981.

Oklahoma won A.P.–I guess consensus crowns (they were the best team in ’74, as they went unbeaten and untied–there were ties then in college pig, some notable, title affecting ones, in fact—-but on probation, they shared the crown with, as ‘Bama did in ’78, USC) in both ’74 and certainly ’75.

Thus in an eight season/seven year span from ’74-’81, the four teams in today’s semis, combined for six titles, two each (one by each team shared with USC/University Of Southern California, then coached by John McKay) by Oklahoma(’74 and ’75) and Alabama(’78 and ’79).

The eight season/seven year span from ’78-’85 (Oklahoma beat Penn State to claim the ’85 crown and in so doing handing the great college football expert, Beano Cook a season ending big financial loss but emotional win. That season, as Jim Lampley, has often noted, Beano cashed something approximating 10 straight “blue plate specials.”) yielded 5 crowns for today’s 4 “semis” participants, two by Alabama and one each for Georgia, Clemson and Oklahoma.

Perhaps the lead should have been ‘Bama, Georgia and Clemson combined for all four Associated Press/consensus titles from ’78-’81.

I have no “opinion” on either tilt today. However, should Georgia outscore Oklahoma in the “Rose”/first semi, I do not think “they” will allow an all SEC final a week hence, so if “GA” wins, try “Clem” plus three.

In fact, a “slight lean” to Georgia vs Clemson for all the marbles next Monday night. Again a more solid belief in “Clem,” if Georgia prevails.

Enjoy the tilts and be here tomorrow for a review/notes on them. Starting Wednesday, great notes on the NFL ‘offs, which begin next Saturday.


Clemson quarterback, Homer Jordan threw a touchdown pass to Perry Tuttle to all but clinch the ’81 season title for Clemson in a night time Orange Bowl vs Nebraska on January 1, 1982.

Then, I believe working for Sports Illustrated, a very good man who shares a first name with former New York Mets Orosco and Gonder, (Jesse) was in attendance.



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