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Chiefs/Dolphins Notes

December 24, 2017

One day less than 46 years ago today, the Miami Dolphins won their first post-season game ever, scoring a two overtime victory, at Kansas City, vs the Chiefs.

Today, the teams clash in the same area/city, with K.C. bidding to clinch a second straight AFC West crown.

The teams met at Miami, in what I believe to have been an eventual meaningless tilt, exactly 28 years ago today on December 24, 1989. The Chiefs won that game (27-24).(As best I can ascertain, both the Chiefs and Dolphins were eliminated from ‘offs qualification on that regular season final day, when Pittsburgh won at Tampa Bay in a game, likely but not definitely played simultaneously to Chiefs/Dolphins).

I recall fondly that slot 2, Christmas Day game in 1971, the last time the NFL “insulted” us, with a Christmas Day ‘offs game.

The great broadcaster, Curt Gowdy talked often of Garo Yepremian’s game winning field goal, “with the moon hanging down over Municipal Stadium.”

Today at Arrowhead Stadium, where the Dolphins began their perfect 1972 season, with a win in the first regular season game ever played there, it is not much of a prediction to say the Chiefs, favored by 10 plus points, will win the game. Their  “good luck” announcer, Kevin Harlan is working the tilt, on CBS.

Thus for some reason, K.C. to win and cover, (30-17).


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