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NFL And Other Comments

November 28, 2017

I will call it another “winning” prediction, of course with no money involved, as the (6-5) Baltimore Ravens were bet to an 8 point favorite and took “the out of it,” (4-7) Houston Texans, by 7 points.

Houston has the all important Astros’ title and the NBA Rockets (16-4, the Celts are (18-4), have the league’s second best mark (did you see (6-14) Sacramento won at Golden State last night. The defending champion (15-6) Warriors were 14 point favorites, though playing sans their top two players, Messers Durant and Curry), but forget the Texans this season.

The last weekend (NFL) manifested in 12 of 16 faves, and an incredible 14 of 16 underdogs “good” in the 7 point “wease.” (teaser). Only 5 teams, three favorites (K.C. Jacksonville and the Steelers, (Pitts won by just 3 points as 14 plus point(s) favorites) and two “dogs” (I love the who rescued who stickers as rescuing animals is a noble pursuit, certainly one better than following the NFL and “teaser” bets) the Cowboys and Bears.

I went (4-2), with one near exact margin, after a (5-1) week with an exact score and I believe two exact margins. Again, no money involved.


Where is Gil Brandt, when you need a story?

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