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Rams vs Vikings This Sunday Brings Back Memories

November 15, 2017

The Rams play the Vikings this Sunday. Memories: I recall the Vikings/Rams playoff game from December 27, 1969, played on a Saturday:  an NFL Central vs NFL Coastal Division, Western Conference Championship Game. Minnesota won.

It was at Metropolitan Stadium, and the Vikings won after Carl Eller recorded a safety, which then changed the game’s momentum in Minnesota’s favor.

In 1999, the Rams won in a divisional round, en route to winning it all as the St. Louis Rams.

The game this Sunday could be meaningful in  determining playoff participation, division winner(s), and NFC seeding in ascending probabilities.

A great place to watch football  is at Hoops Cabaret and Sports Bar (48 West 33rd Street New York City).  They have many Hi-Def TVs and Big Screens, beautiful dancers on stages, sexy waitresses, and a VIP Man Cave that is ideal for celebrations and special events.

You might get to hang out with “Ronnie the Limo Driver” from the Howard Stern Show. Saw him at Hoops recently and he’s quite a guy–he  was very nice to everyone. He’s a Jets fan, but I think that the Hoops Cabaret Girls were able to cheer him up after watching the Jets lose.

Ronnie Mund at Hoops Cabaret


Hoops Cabaret Girls Love Football

More on Hoops, click below.

Hoops Cabaret and Sports Bar Marks its One Year Anniversary With Four Nights of Celebration


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