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Another B(eltran) P(ettis) Spill Coming?

October 18, 2017

It is not enough that the Yankees have won 27 World Series and the Astros none. Nor is it enough, that if the Yankees win the ALCS they squared at two games apiece, overcoming a (4-0) after 6 and a half innings deficit in #4 to do so, that they would have FORTY MORE pennants than the Houston Astros.

Houston has two “jinxed” team members, at least in a baseball sense, in “BP,” current player Carlos Beltran and coach Gary Pettis.

Beltran has the quantity when it comes to post-season failure, but unless his Astros fail to win this series (even with Keickel and Verlander in the next two, I would neither count on it nor of course, rule them out, they once had Vernon Ruhle on one of their many post-season horror teams, the ’81 team, that lost 3 straight to L.A.) he really has not been on a team that blew a post-season series.

Not so Gary Pettis, who in fairness, was a coach on two of the three “crushed” post-season failures and a reserve player on the other.

Now both are part of a Houston team, a franchise that lost decisive series games in ’80 (blowing a 3 run lead, at home top 8, with Nolan Ryan pitching, Pete got a big hit, but of course, there are wild card teams, extra rounds–the wild card Yankees already sank another cursed franchise/100 plus win “div winner,” (Cleveland),but Pete is not in the sham Hall of Fame), ’81(blowing a 2-0 series lead with Nolan Ryan losing the decisive 5th), ’04 and ’15(this “Hinch bunch” blowing a (2-1) best of 5 series lead, in which they blew game 4 despite a 4 run lead at home, in the 8th inning) plus being ousted in a game 6, 16 inning 1986 NLCS classic , in which they blew a 3 run lead at home, in the top of the ninth inning).

“Quantity” Beltran has lost one “4 vs 5” game that, coincidentally, with the Yankees, vs Houston, one “div” series, that last season when his top seed team Texas, was swept by Toronto, 3 NLCS, (none with anything near a significant blown lead in a potential clincher, though his ’12 Cards dissipated a (3-1) series and the other two (’04 Astros and ’06 Mets) also lost in decisive 7th games) and one World Series (his Cards up 2 games to 1, lost in 6 to the Bo Sox, but did not blow any significant lead in the 3 straight losses. By the way to emphasize the “non blowing leads” aspect of this, his ’12 Cards never led in any of the 3 losses, games (5-7), vs eventual World champion, SF in ’12).

Not so for Mr. Pettis, who again was just a reserve player (’86 Angels) and a coach with the ’11 Texas Rangers and ’15 Astros, with whom he is still a coach (having successfully waved in Altuve in #2–consider the Gary Sanchez juxtaposition games 2 and 4—).

The ’86 Angels, bidding for their first pennant, had a three games to one ALCS lead and a  (5-2) home, game 5 lead, but lost the game and series to the Red Sox. I recall the horses on the field and feeling negative about that “law and order” Orange (certainly not black,Orange was/is the old (anti/no) black(s) County approach. It turned out the horses and security were not necessary!

In ’11 Pettis’ Texas team twice was one strike away from a World Series win, but failed to get it. Need I say more!

Houston in ’15 as referenced, blew a (2-1) “div” series lead to eventual champion, K.C. in which 4’s were operative, a dissipated 4 run lead, in #4, as late as top 8 at home.

The Angels were also one strike away from victory in ’86, but Angels’ hurler Donnie Moore, who later committed suicide, partially due to that game, surrendered a 2rhr to Dave Henderson, who now also is dead.

People forget the Angels tied that tilt and a Doug DeCinces failure (runner on third < than 2 out, actually not sure which way the “less than” sign points) kept them from winning the pennant.

Additionally Pettis himself, who did nothing “wrong” in any of this, himself made a bid to win the pennant for ’86 “Cal,” but Jim Rice made a very good and obviously incredibly clutch catch, on Gary’s extra inning drive toward left.

So on the exact 39 year anniversary of clinching their incredible 1978 title, the Yankees, (5-0) at home in these ‘offs, matching their ’09 team under Joe Girardi, who may use went/gone incorrectly, but who guided them to a title then and has had nary a losing season in ten years as Yankees’ manager, staged an incredible comeback and thus squared the series, which is the first of 32 best of seven ALCS, in which the home team won the first four games.

Perspective: Moore, Henderson and Thurman Munson, who grabbed the last out in the ’78 W.S. but died less than a year later should/could and maybe will remind us INCLUDING and ESPECIALLY me, this is not life and death.

Tomorrow, now today, is another day, with another game, the pivotal 5th game at 5 Eastern Time on Fox (Sports One), which with L.A. (6-0) in these ‘offs and up (3-0) vs the Cubs in the NLCS, is very likely, but not definitely, going to get a longer LCS than their TBS “competitor” for the 5th straight time (’09, ’12, ’14, and ’16 were the others). There were 4 “ties.” Bye bye!!!


“Did’i DID it again, not the star of the game, but 2 key hits.

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