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Some toned down, pointing out mistakes. Francesa is likely (6-1) as I type

September 24, 2017

Let’s see 5 touchdown favorite Clemson went up by 20 points with less than 3 minutes to play and Dave LaMont on one of the “zillion” ESPN/ABC/Disney telecasts said “that MIGHT do it.”

Say nothing, if you “fear” the Red Sea parting and Boston College winning, but do not say “maybe.” It is insulting to the audience.

Last week, Mike Francesa went (3-0) on his NFL predictions, making him (5-1) on the season.

Add the strong possibility he will stay on at WFAN, perhaps due to the station’s so called problems.

I could accept him (as if I have a choice, save not listen, which is essentially what I do) because Pandora’s box is likely opened, with replacements.

However, Mike was not “on,” saying Texas is at Seattle this weekend when they are at Oakland. More telling, inexplicably he could not grasp the math of a tie possibility between Boston and the Yankees.

He looks to be right again with Indy vs the Browns, is in it with “Hack” only down 7, plus 6, at Philly and later says Green Bay will rip Cincy.


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