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Non Play By Play,But Wealthy, Kay And Parking Comments

August 30, 2017

Hair will grow on the palms of my hand before Yankees television (non) broadcaster, Michael Kay ever exhibits any play by play ability, any proper voice inflection, so here is a parking comment.

Kay once gave me good advice, regarding parking, so incensed at the juxtaposition of our respective talent and position, let’s talk parking.

Many times as I am about to move “mi carro” de un parking spot, a person driving the vehicle parked next to mine, is about to do the same.

Today both vehicles flanking me were about to be entered as I arrived near my car.


Kay once said on the air, the big yankees fan he was/is that “Great’s” hit ended the Yankees hopes in 1975. It was 1974 but he works, prospers even has kids while I sit alone and empty.

Even many Yankees’ fans suffering through his hideous effort today will agree. Yet he will be back there tomorrow and I will still be here.

I have to let this go. He won, I lost though there was never any real contest. Wolff told me talent was not enough!!


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