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“Bells” Is Gone: Perhaps A gambling angel in heaven

August 19, 2017

Another warning, another to whom I did not say good bye—Steve “Bells” Savarese is gone, at most 64 years on this earth, where yes, he gambled, but oh did he give, even just being “Bells.”

I stand by my views, from the truly important that Trump is a horror and his ascent to the presidency foreshadows all our doom, and to the far less important, yet fervent belief that John Franco is not only not worthy of making the Hall of Fame, but that he was largely an “arsonist,” not a fireman, in big spots as a relief pitcher.

Yet as I write either, I know that while I am almost always the one who gives in/makes the first call toward patching things, that I have my own pigheaded views, right, wrong or indifferent and that sways my thinking and lessens my compassion.

I stood at Steve’s building, receiving good, but considering, not very important news, that Don Drysdale had pitched another shutout, the night Robert F. Kennedy was slain. (Senator Kennedy had congratulated “Big D” just before).

We played “Be A Manager” and he famously advised after consuming much food at an outside event, that “he could really go for some beef cutlets.”

Years passed and I caught “the bug,” he talked of the Brinks truck and how I gulped candy “charms” before deciding to go to the track with him, skipping college classes, the day of #5 ’75 W.S. having been “hurt” by the Red Sox series squaring win the night before, in that classic World Series vs eventual winner Cincinnati and Pete (maybe that is why Giamatti was so harsh!).

More years passed, I saw him less, then more when I shamelessly went to the Rooneys “house of horror/take advantage of other’s misery and sickness,” Yonkers Raceway, then less and received Steve’s praise for avoiding it.

Parents died, another, call him “The Bellman” did not call “Bells” when the latter’s beloved mother died, but receiving his # from me, benefited from casino packages through Bells.

That and the fact the Bellman’s arrogant, Trump voting, Franco should be in the Hall, but highly successful son led to my not calling “Bells,” until days ago.

The call came this morning and I asked his sister if he knew I called, he did not, hopefully a lesson to all.

See if we do not stop the hate, whether the absurdity/evil of another’s skin color/ethnicity, or baseball opinions, or perceived, even real slights and create a healthy conversation, “Bells” or “Bellman”—I know the reality and for whom the “bell tolls.”

Sadly, in so many ways, it already has.


Yes I criticized Trump, Giamati, The Rooneys, Yonkers Raceway and certainly “The Bellman” and son.  Perhaps I did not spell check, use tags, or make clear my failures.

After seeing an ancient Phillies fan, then two really young ones adorning team shirts, I was about to mention the older to the younger one’s parents when he walked in.

Maybe Bells’ angel wings, maybe God had the Angels only to be Machado’d (nobody Machados God, but people including me ?), maybe bet the nowhere Phils vs the Bellman’s “nowhere but 3 titles since cavorting with Bells,” after not calling him when the latter’s mother died. I will not.

Perhaps Steve was telling me what I already knew he felt, that I am so kind as he was. Go easy my friend, and bet a “yo” while on your way!

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