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World Champion Cubs (43-45) At The Break And All That Entails, Makes Me Mad

July 9, 2017

Oh you Cubs and your fans are so lucky, you won it all last year, ending a 108 year title drought, in which, by the way, they were never that close to a title.

They, the Cubs, lost in a game 7 rout at the hands of the Detroit Tigers in 1945.

Unlike the Boston Red Sox, who 6 times played in a game in which a victory meant a title and distinguished themselves far more than the Cubs during their heartbreaking 86 year title drought, the Cubs had just that #7 ’45 W.S. chance, in which victory meant the title, during their 108 year drought.

Obviously the treatment of a Cubs’ fan after #6 of the ’03 NLCS is far, far (cue Ronald Colman) worse, but this next year’s team record of (43-45) is a baseball disgrace.

Once they won it, making the cheerleader/Lupica, maybe even Costas “types” happy, I no longer care and actually prefer another Cubs’ title, to one by most of the other contenders.

However, what I learned about their owner, my still inability to “forgive” (as if Maddon, a likely zillionaire and worse regarded as a good baseball manager, which he is, needs my forgiveness), for some of his post-season managerial blunders and this record does aggravate me quite a bit.

Raj Davis played Bernie Carbo in #7 of last year’s W.S. but though Carbo and Boston won #6 of the ’75 W.S. (why is that game and especially that homer, tied by Fisk, so highly regarded, while Hal Smith’s gets little “pub” and his was far greater, as his ’60 Pirates won), they lost #7.

Sadly despite Davis tying homer off a “used the night before in a rout, “Ar” Chapman, the Cubs “titled” and all those yuppies, all those who made that fan’s life miserable, all those who “lorded” their wealth over ChiSox fans like B.H. Obama, were rewarded.

One can take some consolation from the little publicized fact the White Sox ended their 88 year title drought, 11 years before the Cubs ended their 108 year one.


Hal Smith made it (9-7) Pitts, add the digits for 24 and 21 and it is 9. The Buccos needed a 10th run to title in ’60.



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