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Nixon/Gibson(s) Links And Notes

July 6, 2017

In 1957, then U.S. vice president, R.M. Nixon presented some form of “fruits of victory” to Althea Gibson as the U.S Open winner.

One could at least say it was not “low hanging fruit.”

In volatile 1968, a year “they” killed Martin and Bobby and escalated a horrible war, Nixon made it to the U.S. top office, while another Gibson, Bob, was denied in #7WS, in a year he pitched as brilliantly as any before or since.

1974 provided another Richard Nixon/Bob Gibson link as the former resigned the presidency, while Bob yielded a home run to Mike Jorgensen, that sank the Cards’ NL East title hopes.

Jorgensen, not exactly Babe Ruth, was born the day Mr. Ruth died, August 16, 1948, making him 68 as in 1968, at this moment.

Today also marks the 84th anniversary of the first All-Star Game, which was played in Chicago and won by the American League, with you guessed it, a Babe Ruth home run, the key blow.


Soon to be ejected from his Hertz car as he was “accepted” enough to have that manifest, O.J. Simpson won the individual college, but not team honors, in fateful 1968.

Above a Ford Mustang from 1968.

Ford and the club honoring Simpson and others with that individual award, have “anti Semitic” histories as one similar outcry.

Much like the not real Indian, I cry thinking of that and so much else.





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