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Bouton, Big D, Somber Saturdays, But One Good One, “Back In ’63”

July 3, 2017

During this long weekend news came on Saturday about Jim Bouton’s health problems.

When I think of Bouton, unlike many who think of his famed book, “Ball Four,” I think first of his World Series exploits, winning two games in ’64 and losing gallantly (1-0) to Don Drysdale in #3, ’63. (of course the fact Jackie Brandt, I believe, ordered vanilla in 64? flavor Baskin Robbins, as detailed in “Ball Four,” has stayed with me.)

So I thought of “Big D,” (Drysdale) and the Saturday of this weekend, now 24 years ago, when news came he had died.

The #3, ’63, also a Saturday, I am “married” at 8, standing at a shopping cart and Drysdale and my then team, holds on, the great Yogi Berra, hitting the ball deep, but caught by Ron Fairly.

Saturday, Saturday, “Bulldog” Bouton and Don Drysdale, alliterative, sad, somber, “sands” as the hours, days and years turn.

As with the Joseph Cotten character in the classic, “Kane,” I remember, unlike him I do not smoke and do not have even that, to anticipate with some glee.




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