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The mediocre, disliked Cubs, the great Billy Williams, “Strato,” and “Cheese”

July 1, 2017

So many rooted for the Chicago Cubs last year, I did not.

They did have the best record, so I take some solace in that, but despite some unbelievable, horrible managing by Joe Maddon, they won it. Why should he have been so lucky?!

Now, they sit one game away from the halfway point in the next season, at (40-40), this a team projected to win 96 and a fraction games.

They still loom this season, as they are but two games behind in a weak N.L. Central.

Since they won, who cares if they win again. I never win, so why should L.A. sans a title since 1988 or even Cleveland without one since 1948, win one?!

Surely, I have spent much misguided (to an exponential degree) regarding titles, but Maddon who irked me in #5ALCS in ’08, and managed the way he did last season, but won, is reason to be upset.

However, amidst the “heat” of the day, who really cares? Additionally, unlike the deceased Ernie Banks and Ron Santo, the great, once Cubs’ player, Billy Williams, lived to see them title.

Now that does not offset the likes of Bill Murray and John Cusack seeing it, and acting as fools, but into every cloud, some sunshine is disseminated.

Roll that “Strato,” “2 column,” Billy Williams and maybe we can go back 50 years, with my mother bringing in some hot dogs, for sometimes as many as 9 kids in my room, playing “Strato,” one a millionaire, I must pick up at the airport, on this hot day.


“Cheese” and all it entails. Suffice to say no “do overs.”



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