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“GS”/”N.C.” from second to the title, notes and pictures

June 29, 2017

Has it been mentioned anywhere else? The plethora of factual mistakes I hear or read make me want to volunteer as a fact checker, this regarding sports, but also I wonder as many do, regarding the accuracy of what is disseminated, minute by minute, to the public.

This year was the first time in 70 possibilities (1948-2017), that the basketball teams that lost in the final the year before, came back to “title” the following season.

Both North Carolina which won its sixth crown and third under Roy Williams and the Warriors, whose title was their fifth in franchise history, third as Golden State, second under Steve Kerr (help from Mike Brown) and Kerr’s seventh crown (three as a player with “Chi” and two as such with San Antonio) had suffered bitter final defeats the year before.

Kris Jenkins of Villanova sank a shot to beat “N.C.” while Adam Silver suspended Dray Green for game 5, with Golden State at home up (3-1), keying the lone Cleveland sports crown in over 50 years.






There is more to the above pictures. First I cited the “Curry” shirt and talked of the above note. Soon after I noticed the North Carolina shirt. All this yesterday while on line at a local Panera Bread.



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