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Antenna TV And Andy B “Shift” Paying Some Tribute To Roger Moore

May 24, 2017

If “Antenna TV” can do it, so can I. Instead of notes on Ottawa forcing a 7th game, for what will be a bit nervous NBC and Emrick, Thurs in Pitts (THE game, #7 of the ’60 World Series, was on a Thursday in Pittsburgh!) and Mr. James “knowing” to dribble out the potential spread covering possession, in Cleve’s “no cover” of the Celts, to take (3-1) series, command– I speak briefly today of a shift in Antenna TV’s programming to honor Roger Moore.

Mr. Moore passed away, it was announced yesterday. He might need a “James Bond” code book, to realize we and Antenna T.V. hail him, as a fine actor, certainly a tremendous “James Bond.”

Antenna Television shifted programs and ran a Carson Tonight Show, originally airing after the ’82 Oscars (among other things Jane had accepted Henry Fonda’s long due best actor nod the night before, and the other guest Maureen Stapleton had thanked everyone she ever met, doing so in a precise sentence and not delineating all, after winning an Academy Award) that featured Roger Moore.

A story that Mr. Moore had played a rather “blue” “roast” of Don Rickles, including Johnny “saying words and things he normally would not,” the sound reverberating off the mountains, near his European villa, with Carson as a guest was told.

I think of their good lives juxtaposed (a word Carson used in describing the “blared” roast) with so many that are below the line, but feel the joy Moore, Johnny and others passed to us.

Thus I have no bitterness toward them. In fact, I would shout to those mountains thank you Roger Moore, Maureen Stapleton, Johnny Carson and others. Oh do I miss them, especially now.


Roger Moore was great as “The Saint.”

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