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45 Years Later Notes

April 26, 2017

On Saturday past, I wrote about the Milwaukee Bucks losing a home afternoon NBA playoff game exactly 45 years later.

Then in 1972, the loss ended their season. Now likely, but far from definitely it will be the key loss in a series they will lose as the higher seed, Toronto Raptors have a 3 games to 2 opening round series lead.

Meanwhile the Boston Celtics reversed history on two dates exactly 45 years later and likely but again far from definitely will win their first round series vs the Chicago Bulls.

On Friday April 21, 1972 and Sunday April 23, 1972 the Celtics were defeated by the New York Knicks in games four and five to end that semi-final series.

Exactly forty five years later, the Celts won games three and four in “Chi” on Friday April 21 and Sunday April 23 to square the series at two games apiece.


The number 45 elicits good memories of the excellent player, Homer Jones pictured above.

Click below at about 19 and a half minutes in, to view Homer return the second half kickoff for a touchdown in the first ABC package Monday night game.

Noting in an earlier before the package Monday night game, Travis “The Road Runner” Williams electrified a national audience with a kickoff return touchdown.

Keith Jackson, the first ABC Monday night play by play man, makes the call on the Homer Jones touchdown and four plus years later, a brilliant one on Anthony Davis’ second half kickoff touchdown run.


1970 Browns vs Jets part 2

Jones TD about 19 and a half minutes into the video.





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