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“Bang” About The Prolific, Great And Largely Unknown Bert Berns Is Fantastic!

April 19, 2017

The play “A Piece of My Heart,” about the beyond prolific and great songwriter/record company executive/ Bert Berns, was astounding and now his son filmmaker Brett Berns has brought us a masterful, insightful, beautiful documentary, “Bang,” about the life of his father.

Some of the greatest musical performers of our, or any time, Paul McCartney and Keith Richards to name two, are interviewed giving their thoughts on the greatness of the largely forgotten Bert Berns. (Long story and it was told so well).

Mr. Berns, who knew he would die at a young age, put together a six year period of greatness in his field, comparable to the great Sandy Koufax, in his 6 great years of pitching.

“Twist And Shout,” and “Brown Eyed Girl” (he helped launch Van Morrison’s career) are just two of Mr. Berns’ iconic songs.

It is a long, interesting story, as to why you probably do not know Bert Berns, who did die so young at age 38 in 1967, but when you see this incredible documentary narrated by Steve Van Zandt and featuring so many musical greats, you will be amazed at his incredible story and talent.


Brett and his sister Cassie did so much in bringing the incredible story of their family to our attention in “A Piece Of My Heart” and hope to bring the play to Broadway.

Their mother, Ilene, who recently passed away, was so great in the movie and lived to see it come to fruition.

Click below for more information and screenings dates around the country.

BANG! The Bert Berns Story



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