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Letters In Supe Coaches’ Names Notes

February 13, 2017

Yesterday’s post indicated the favorites prevailed in 9 of the 11 post-season tilts in the just completed 2016 NFL season.

9/11, once best known as the number to call for emergency assistance, had a different meaning beginning on the eleventh day of September in 2001, a season in which a team from New England won their first Super Bowl.

Another nine of eleven note manifested after the unbelievable NE win/Atlanta loss in the 51st Supe.

Now in eleven Supe clashes between teams coached by men with numbers other than 5 constituting their last names and those with 5 letters in their last name, the “non fives” have won 9 of the 11 tilts.

Additionally 9 other times the losing Super Bowl coach had 5 letters in his last name but so did the winning coach.

The nine “non five” winners vs “five” and the two “five” vs non five winners will follow in tomorrow’s post.




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