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Notes, We Have Notes

January 23, 2017


In the title games following the presidential election of 2012, the last one before 2016, both the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons lost at home. Playing first as was the case yesterday, Atlanta, of course unlike yesterday lost its home title tilt to the S.F. 49ers.

Later, New England lost at home to the eventual Super Bowl champion, Baltimore Ravens. It was/is just the third time in 51 seasons of title games for Super Bowl entry that both teams lost. However, the interesting? correlations, as you might have guessed, do not end there.

The first time both home teams lost in games that determined Super Bowl entry was in the first year of such possibility, 1966 also the Falcons’ first season and a year in which the Packers (the losing team yesterday at Atlanta) won it all.

That season  with the AFL and NFL still “separate but merged” (another sham promoting racism in this country was “separate but equal”) both the Buffalo Bills playing first and the Dallas Cowboys lost at home to the K.C. Chiefs and “GB” Packers respectively. (Of course in another “Coincidence ’66” the Pack and Chiefs each played slots games on the exact 50th anniversary of their clash in the first Supe with GB again winning and KC losing on that day).

The next time both road teams won title tilts in the same season was 26 years later after the ’92 season, another presidential election year and the ’92 road winners were the ’66 home losers as with Buffalo again playing first, this time at Miami vs the Dolphins and winning, while Dallas with Alvin Harper’s big catch, won at S.F. vs the Niners.

Eight years earlier, also in a presidential election year, the Orwellian “1984” both the Dolphins (vs the Steelers, who also lost yesterday) and 49ers (vs the Bears, who would win their lone Supe, the following season vs New England) won home title tilts.

Now of course, the teams losing at home the third time both home teams tasted defeat in same season title tilts in the presidential election year of 2012, the Falcons and Pats, each win following the 2016 “election” and will meet in the 51st Supe.

In that tilt, the Falcons in their 51st season will try to win their first Supe, while N.E. (o-2) in Supes before Belichick/Brady, will try to avoid a third Belichick/Brady Supe loss as stated in the last post, the other two, to “mediocre record” “HACK”ensack Giants’ teams.




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