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Detroit Lions Post-Season Notes

January 5, 2017

I am pretty certain concerning the accuracy of the facts below. Why I remember this stuff is baffling, amazing, meaningless, all of the preceding.

In their 7 wild card round losses, which constitute the 7 seasons in which the Lions made the ‘offs sans a win, Detroit has played in and lost the later Saturday wild card round game, I believe with Al Michaels presiding, three times.

Few teams can match the post-season success of the Lions through 1957, winning four of 5 title tilts and victories in both unscheduled playoff games which gained the Lions entry to both the ’52 and ’57 title games, en route to titles.

Conversely few teams match Detroit’s ineptitude in post-season play starting with a famed (5-0) loss at Dallas in the late Saturday “slots” game in 1970, with Frank Glieber (why did he have to drop dead jogging leading to the rise at CBS of Verne Lundquist?!) and Frank Gifford on the CBS broadcast.



Image result for frank glieber

The great Dallas linebacker, Chuck Howley, pictured above, and the Dallas defense shutout the Lions in that “divisional playoff game without a touchdown (other such games? certainly not many if any) in 1970.






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