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Lions Notes And Much Else

January 4, 2017

I “noticed” last night that it was the Detroit Lions, who dealt the 1963 Cleveland Browns, the penultimate regular season week loss in the snow and rain of Tiger Stadium, that eliminated Cleveland in Jim Brown’s then record 1,863 yard season in 19SIXTY THREE (I do not know why I do that)..


Ten years after Jim Brown (seeing him run was of seeing Michelangelo sculpt) set the NFL single season rushing record which included 51 yards gained vs the DALLAS Cowboys, no less, on November 24th, a day in disgraceful, unforgivable, (yet the league flourishes and even I look forward to its post-season play) fashion, games were played a scant two days after ‘they’ blew the back of Jack’s head off, another great player, one faster, but not quite as great as Jim, named Orenthal James (O.J.) Simpson, also with a non playoff team, broke the record gaining 2,003 yards.

The last 200 of those yards were “called” by not only Bills’ broadcaster, Van Miller (I believe but could be wrong), but the great Giants’ broadcaster Marty Glickman, (the latter on the call when Jim along with Frank Ryan to Rich Kreitling, ¬†led “Cleve” to a perhaps misleading, (35-24) win at Yankee Stadium vs the eventual Eastern Conference champion, New York Giants 5 games into the ’63 season), gained in the snow at Shea Stadium vs the New York Jets, with another Simpson (no not Homer) but Jim, calling the game for NBC television.



Evoking Billy Joel “going on with the show,” The Lions are (0-8) in wild card round games, the last seven such losses in seasons (’93, ’94. ’95, ’97, ’99, 2011, and 2014) in scheduled “such playoff level tilts” with the first w/cd/rd loss taking place, with the extra round added due to manifestations of a player’s strike in 1982.

“Det” lost in late Saturday “slots” road games at Dallas in 1970 and to Joe Montana’s greatness at “S.F.” in 1983, before securing what is to this point their lone post “configuration” ‘offs win, in the late Sunday “Super” Summerall, (goodness do we miss Pat and his low key style. Now we have Joe Buck, enough said!) “slots” game in 1991.

The win vs Dallas that day (the Lions hoping against hope? at least as 8 point “dogs,” they will get a fourth ‘offs tilt vs Dallas (Det was perhaps “robbed” in their wild card round loss at Dallas in 2014) which would be the case should the scoreboard light a > (greater than) number for the Lions Saturday night), put Detroit in the NFC title game.

Perhaps an omen, the lone Det “slots” win the aforementioned one, vs Dallas in ’91, put them in the NFC title game at eventual champion Washington (Redskins). The “Wash” victory, one of 20 vs just two losses, in “at Wash tilts,” between the two teams, clearly establish “Wash” as a huge Detroit historical nemesis.

However, those Redskins lost last Sunday, in effect enabling and certainly assuring that at the very least, the Lions once (9-4), despite a (9-7) finish, did at least make the ‘offs.



There is no real moral to this but Earl Morrall, pictured above was the Lions’ quarterback in that 1963 “spoiler” win vs the Cleveland Browns at Tiger Stadium in Detroit.


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