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More 1937 All-Star Game “Notes”

December 29, 2016

The bottom of the third inning of the 1937 All-Star game continues through the words of Bob Elston.

The great DiMaggio is on first base. Dizzy Dean delivers and Lou Gehrig, his failure to homer at Washington’s Griffith Stadium having been cited in the pregame talk, wallops a two run home run.

The President of the United States, even staunch republicans know he helped save this land, Franklin Roosevelt salutes Mr. Gehrig. I love Sandy Koufax and John F. Kennedy, but even that combination and certainly none today, nor since, can match that President saluting that player.

Alas both Gehrig and Mr. Roosevelt suffered from serious ill health, the former for far less time, but executed brilliantly in their efforts.

Now injury in this All-Star Game, I do believe. Earl Averill is the next batter vs the great Dean, more in a future post.



Sorry to add this under Lou Gehrig’s picture, but that disgrace to Yankees play-by-play history, Michael Kay, once said that “never winner,” Don Mattingly was the greatest first baseman in Yankees’ history.

This was while we each worked as researchers on the ABC College Football Scorecard Show, in Mattingly’s peak year of 1985.

I said what about Lou Gehrig?!! Kay backed off far too little on his ridiculous, truly uninformed claim regarding Mattingly, saying maybe they were tied.

Each day, “suffering” the “slings and arrows” of Kay having virtually “all” and me despite clearly more knowledge, and even people against me, say more talent, having virtually “none,” I remind myself of this and other examples of Kay’s ineptitude.

However, my own mother chided such comments by me, saying Michael Kay worked toward his success, what did you (meaning me) do?!!!


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