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1937 All-Star game in Washington D.C. Notes

December 28, 2016

Oh man, the President of the United States, Franklin Roosevelt took his hat off and is enjoying the 1937 All-Star game.

The words of WGN’s Bob Elston, as Dizzy Dean is pitching to Lou Gehrig.

Joe DiMaggio drew a 2 out walk and Gehrig, who hit 46 home runs the year before, but none at Griffith Stadium, with its high wall, is batting as the walk to Joe D, 4 years before his famed hitting streak, extended the bottom of the first inning.

This “recall” with “help” truly inspires. If you listen closely, Elston intones, you can hear the pop of the (pitched) ball hitting the catcher’s mitt. He said it with Dean still pitching in the bottom of the third, by All-Star game rule to be his last inning of work.

“Diz” had to take 2 different plane trips to get to Washington, D.C. on N.L. All-Star Billy Herman’s birthday, July 7,1937.

Bottom third, two out DiMaggio again reaches first, that’s right fielder, DiMaggio in this tilt, as Earl Averill is in center field for the American League, (3-1) in the first 4 tilts, that were the creation of sportswriter Arch, (called Archie in the pre game “notes”) Ward of Chicago.

Big action (in my) next post, from that All-Star Game over 79 years ago.





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