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Slightly Ranting And Heavily On The Tangents–Raiders Eliminate The Colts Again, Exactly 39 Years Later

December 25, 2016

Yesterday, exactly 39 years after a famed divisional playoff game clash between the two clubs, the Raiders and Colts met again, with (perhaps) eerily, similar results.

Oakland in a game likely to be remembered as the one in which their fine quarterback Derek Carr was injured, (did you hear “goody/goody” Phil Simms argue for Carr and Oakland passing with a (33-14–same score GB took Oak in the second Super Bowl, when Nantz asked a good question, as to whether they should have been?), eliminated the over rated Andrew Luck and the Colts, from any post-season possibilities, winning (33-25).

On December 24, 1977, in a far better game, with even higher stakes, Oakland won (37-31) in overtime , I believe it was early in the 6th quarter, when Ken Stabler threw the winning touchdown pass to Dave Casper, that not only won the game, but covered the spread.

Thus (a Biblical word in this post which will reference it) exactly 39 years apart, in a pair of Christmas Eve games, Oak eliminated the Colts, winning by 6 and 8, scoring 37 and 33, while the Colts tallied 31 and 25.

This “lapsed” religious Jewish person (not in the identity) not “for Jesus” as in “hook, line and sinker” belief he is it, but as one who marvels at his incredible life and giving, “conversing” with him/whomever one thinks of as a/the diety, but again with great empathy for the life of Jesus, I ask as my heartbroken mother often did–why with all my knowledge/ability am I  “Norm Cash” (we share(d) the same b/day), and where am I? More important, where am I going?!!

Oakland knows where they are going and that is to Denver. Only I, as cited above “denied” and not knowing “my destination,” note another similarity involving the Raiders exactly 39 years apart. They also went to Denver to play the Broncos 39 years earlier on the first day of 1978.

Then it was the AFC Title game and Denver won. Now depending on the outcome of tonight’s tilt Denver at K.C. (45 years to the date, after a famed “at K.C.” slots game, Oak will take the field in “The Mile High City” as at least the AFC “2” seed, if Denver wins tonight.

No matter what tonight’s outcome is, “Oak” will have “game incentive,” as if they win, and (13-2) “N.E.” loses at Miami, as they did in last year’s “reg” finale, which cost them the one seed to eventual Supe winner, you knew that one, Denver,—- then Oak is the AFC one seed, for the first time since 2002, in this their first ‘offs appearance, since that time.

A “K.C.” win tonight would leave “Oak” with a magic of number of one to clinch the AFC West and at least the two seed. It would eliminate the Broncos (Denver) from playoff contention. “KC” visits San Diego (Chargers) next week.

One more fairly big tangent and a “dreamer” message to go with my best wishes on this Christmas and Chanukkah, with Kwanzaa two days hence.

On the first day of 1978, as Dick Enberg brilliantly quipped, (Enberg was not the baseball announcer Vin Scully was, but the difference in publicity for Scully’s farewell was out of whack, compared to the relatively miniscule amount, afforded Enberg. In football or basketball, the latter I doubt Scully ever did, nor did he have to as he carved a great place, albeit in my opinion, vastly over rated one, in broadcasting, it is no contest. Enberg was far superior. A mentally ill “Stone” in my shoe has  chosen to hurt me greatly by pulling a “Can” maneuver, (not calling), but his memories of Scully calling John Jefferson “Lofton” and James “Lofton,” who is a pathetic announcer and knows as I THINK I do, what really happened in that stairwell, “Jefferson” all throughout the Jets win vs GB in the ’81 reg finale, that “put” both NY area football teams in the ‘offs for the first time in the 12 seasons of the NFC/AFC format), as Haven MOSES gathered in 2 TD’s, Denver made the “promised land,” with Haven “having the right name” (names?) to lead the way.

The haven/promised land denied another Moses, (not his holiday, but I dig that “cat” as well, relating to his being denied and feel honored and stand in appreciation of his deeds) was not pleasant for the ’77 Broncos as Dallas (Cowboys), perhaps oddly, perhaps not–(God/Jesus/Moses all have their “reasons/plan?”) the NFC one seed this season, won (27-10) vs Denver, in that “haven/promised land” known as the Super Bowl.



You thought I forgot? Of course they were the Baltimore Colts in 1977. That was glory!  Baltimore’s Unitas, who was so clutch, not like Indy’s Peyton Manning, who did somehow win a Supe there and a subsequent one in his (and) last season.

They moved secretly in the middle of the night. Also how dare Mr. Luck “spike” the football when he scored a touchdown and his team still trailing (33-20) and clearly in deep trouble in a so called “elimination” game. Worse while “more flamboyant” players with more “flamboyant” celebrations are perhaps rightfully criticized (I do not like the excessive celebrations and long for the low key, if any celebrations of Bart Starr, John Unitas and Jim Brown), Luck will not be.

WFAN’s Francesa, truly “targeted” correctly by the New York Post’s Mushnick last week, (I will not repeat it) “loves” Luck, thinking he “walks on water,” even as to this poin in time, he has been a good, even very good, but clearly underachieving player.

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