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Very Likely Wild Card Spot For (10-4) “Hack”

December 21, 2016

In getting ready for (10-4) “Hack” (boy are they dangerous, already copping 2 Supe titles, with the highly criticized, but so good, not great, Eli Manning, as their quarterback) at (5-9) Philly Thursday night, consider the Giants almost certainly will be a wild card team, nothing more, but nothing less.

The Giants need 4 of 4 decisions in their games and those of Dallas to go “their way” to win the “div” title and garner the “one seed” for just the third time in the 42 (that number worked for Well Mara as at the time of Supe 42, he had that many grandchildren or was it grandchildren and great grandchildren? “Rhythm method” and “Saturday night” indeed. Also and I am in a foul mood, but is not the late Mara, one who did much good and bad in his life, perhaps hovering in Ohio?) seasons it has afforded all home advantage games possible.

However, it would take say 7 maybe 8 decisions to go against them to keep first year coach Ben McAdoo (how could Bob McAdoo  not have been one of the 50 greatest NBA players?!!) and his Giants out of the playoffs.

That would require Hack losses at Philly and last night’s “lay an egg team” Wash, under Jay Grudin with Jon Grudin doing color.

Additionally Tampa Bay would have to win both its games and the Lions would have to win at Dallas and lose vs Green Bay, after the Pack beat Minne this week. Even then Atlanta  would have had to win at least one game. is stating the Giants “hack” their way into the ‘offs with an Atlanta loss this week and they are probably right as some of the tiebreakers get beyond my calculation. (Unlike the inordinately well paid Francesa, at least I try).

However, say all the above happens with one Atlanta loss coming this week, the Pack at (10-6) would win the NFC North. TB at (10-6) would win the NFC South. Det, Atlanta and the Giants all would be (10-6) and the Giants with the worst conference record AMONG the three (another “bargain” Brad Nessler said “BETWEEN” the four teams in shamefully promoting a meaningless college basketball doubleheader last week) would be out???

Bottom line–almost certainly the Giants will be in the ‘offs, very likely as a wild card team.




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