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One Post (Could Have Been Three) Meeting Joan Rivers And Gabe Kaplan. First Of Many Comments Regarding Cindy Stowell And All That Entails.

December 20, 2016

The great Joan Rivers was gracious and entertaining in posing for a picture with me in 1988.

Some humor manifested, when the photographer was taking a long time to shoot the picture. Joan gave her some good natured ribbing. It is a truly nice memory.

Also in 1988, I met Gabe Kaplan, when I was a contestant on a show called “NFL Trivia” which aired on ESPN, before it became the grotesque monster it is today.

Not surprisingly, I was the best individual player (our team came in second, I still have the television and certainly perspective on game shows, winning/losing on them, especially in light (hopefully Cindy is in it) of the circumstances regarding “Jeopardy” contestant and champion, Cindy Stowell.

Gabe complimented me on the air saying I don’t think Andy has missed one (a question) yet (I missed, believe me, but luckily did not cost the team any games).

The highlight of the great experience was sitting next to Mr. Kaplan, as each of us was getting “made ready” for television.

I cited my great admiration for his work, recalling an episode of “Welcome Back Kotter.”

In a future post, I will talk about that conversation and my brief interaction with the other guests on an “Andy met them/ four for four,” Johnny Carson Tonight Show, that aired 3 days ago.

As cited Sunday past, the other guests on that referenced “Tonight Show,” each of whom I met briefly, were George Plimpton and Adrienne Barbeau.



The inspirational Cindy Stowell pictured above.

Cryptic yes, but (baby) here goes.

Amidst the cherries, I sense Cindy was/is “ahead of the field,” in so many ways, surely good ones and also bad (no matter how inspirational, she did leave far too soon!)

How she must have felt, hearing of eating/drinking and the great Tony Bennett, citing his “first 90 years.”

“Chosen” by God? and “Jeopardy,” Cindy breathed an audible sigh of relief getting a big “Daily Double” “put it in the form of a question” in her 5th win and benefited from the competition, battling each other, in her third such “win.”

Perhaps somewhere in time and space, Cindy is helping God/force with the answers, hopefully manifesting in better “form” on his/hers/its “questions.”

Click below for a well written update on Cindy Stowell’s Jeopardy (I corrected it, but still can not spell “Jeopardy” correctly, the first time).

This is NOT for those recording the show, that have not watched it.



‘Jeopardy!’ contestant’s inspiring run continues in fifth straight win


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