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Some NFL Notes Juxtaposing December Dates, Exactly 28 Years Apart

December 19, 2016

One of yesterday’s posts pointed out the juxtaposition of the NFL having its last regular season Sunday games on December 18, 1988 while yesterday’s games ( Sunday December 18th, 28 years later) were played with two weeks remaining on the same numbered 16 game NFL schedule as 1988.

The teams with the top three records in the NFL and four of five (by the way, in trying to hear Bob Hope on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, while watching the plays in the Dallas/TB tilt, I had the sound on, forcing me to hear Cris Collinsworth’s  error in saying TB was facing the team “with the BEST record in football.” At the time, that was (12-2) New England and not (11-2) Dallas. Even now after the win they are tied for that place, thus it would have been incorrect to state, what the non stop talking Collinsworth did) reversed their losses that day or weekend.

28 years and one day earlier, the same New England at Denver match up as yesterday, transpired with Denver winning a Saturday game, with no playoff implications.

Yesterday in a game chock full of such “implications,” New England won, covered and “Ko’d” Denver “teasers,” all vs me. While the result was the opposite for the two teams, it repeated a horrible loss for me that Saturday December 17th, leaving me “groggy and down,” while then “significant other” Angela’s friend, Pedro Tweed put on a great display, doing push ups on my live cable show.

On that last day of 1988, Dallas lost, ending a non playoffs season. Yesterday they won and as referenced above, are tied with New England for the best record in PRO football (Collinsworth said football, not pro or the NFL. Undefeated Alabama and some other college football teams have a better record!).

In my next post, I will cite the other teams with records in the top four or five, that reversed decisions exactly 28 years earlier, with key victories yesterday.




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