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Pats (11-2), likely far from certain to be the AFC “1” seed, almost certain to be at least the “2” seed.

December 14, 2016

The New England Patriots are (11-2) and though they face a test at Denver, where their season ended last year amidst the at least somewhat “fixed” (use the word destined) Denver title run, led by its defense, and not the exponentially commercialized retiring Peyton Manning, are favorites to be the AFC one seed, a position they failed to achieve last season, due to losses at the Jets and Miami, in their last two tilts.

“N.E.” faces the same two opponents in their last two games this season, this time vs the Jets at home.

Almost surely, those losses and the subsequent “At Denver” and not “Vs” Denver at home, cost them a 7th Supe appearance in the Brady/Belichick era, which will almost certainly, minimum, produce not only a 14th “div” title in 16 seasons, but an 11th first round bye/home slots/div game in 16 seasons.

New England has a one game lead over both K.C. and Oak., each of whom would likely have the tiebreaker (this NFL scenario is hard to determine, but at least I try, unlike WFAN’s Mike Francesa, who failed to do the minimum research involving NFL scenarios and it showed.  On Monday past, he made mistakes and needed his “staff” for “ON THE AIR” answers. It was another shameful example of this blowhard’s lack of work and preparation, while being rewarded with disproportionate, ridiculous compensation) for the AFC one seed.

The Pats have a magic number of one to clinch both the “div” ( Div rival, Miami and AFC North leader, Pittsburgh are both (8-5) and an incredible 11th first round bye in 16 seasons.



3 weeks left in the season, could not Francesa research who won games this season and the remaining schedule for teams involved in playoff scenarios? There is no possible “doctor’s/parent’s note” to excuse this man’s lack of research.


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