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Pac 12 Title Game Prediction And Comments

December 2, 2016

In two consecutive college football seasons, 1990 and 1991, the mythical college football national title was shared.

In 1990 Colorado and Georgia Tech shared the pre BCS or 4 team playoff, mythical crown.

A year later, now “anniversary number friendly” 25 years ago, the Washington U. Huskies and Miami Hurricanes, (their 4th title in 9 seasons) shared the title.

While first of all, nobody knows what would have happened and second, Wash was a very good team, I still feel safe in saying the “Canes” had the more impressive season, simply because they won at top ranked Florida State, as an underdog on November 16, 1991.

Now the Huskies control, or seem to control their fate, as far as playing for the crown.

They need three wins, a likely one tonight, as 7 plus point favorites vs Colorado (just realized the Buffs shared one of the two consecutive “shares” a “time” ago–a cousin, one of many who rudely do not return phone calls, was ahead in the time share concept, years ago) in the Pac 12 title tilt tonight and two more if they qualify for the 4 team playoff that now determines the title winner.

Who knows about the playoff, maybe (even) if Wash gets in (even) with a win, but after two “evens,” some odds.

Tonight: Wash 33 Colorado 30.

If Wash wins, they get in. (the four team playoff that is.)



The only dogs I really know are sports underdogs and that they are a better choice than favorites.

Thus please understand I could easily be wrong, but the cute puppy above does look like a huskie??

I say the game tonight looks like the Wash Huskies in a no cover win.

I will protect with “Col” money line because I could not stand either Michigan, especially Michigan with sore loser, horribly conservative football wise vs Ohio State coach Jim Harbaugh or Penn State (for different reasons) getting in the playoff.

P.s. In this year of horrible “antis,” and knowing how good Mich and yes Harbaugh can be, I truly fear Mich is a legitimate threat to Alabama or any other team they might encounter in the playoff.

Think Ohio State 2 years ago with the brilliant runner, Ezekiel Elliott, a player NFL fans might know a thing about.

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