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Oh The “Pain” Of Non Bet Winners!!!

November 30, 2016

NBA commissioner Adam Silver, who, in my opinion, should have received, not presented title rings to the Cleveland Cavaliers, for unjustly suspending Dray Green for game 5 of last year’s title series, wants gambling on NBA games.

I do not think that is a good idea. Last night, having been denied a 10 to 1 payout the night before, when the Warriors won by 5 points vs the underdog Hawks, I did not “money line” any NBA tilts.

This is akin to not taking one’s medication and the results of not one, not two, but three big underdogs (two double figure “dogs”) winning OUTRIGHT, and not having anything to show for it, are devastating.

The 7 plus point Bucks (never “bucks” for me, “nada” on Trump to ease the pain, little on the Ottawa Redblacks, “nada” on Ms. Helm vs Rousey, “nada” on the Cubs when down  down (3-1) and not enough but at least some, on two more “antis”/underdogs, the Pey Manning Broncos and the Cavs) won at home vs the Cavs.

The 10 plus point underdog Brooklyn Nets upset the Clippers, in Brooklyn.

If that was not enough, the Magic, “barked” outright as 12 plus point underdogs, in San Antonio.

Since I did not bet any, I can only approximate the “money lines” and offer the odds of all three teams that won, doing so were conservatively (not having “gambling man” and he did say one needs “to take a gamble in life” and credit him for doing so, Trump, at 5 to 1 for “emotional protection” will haunt me forever, which  is a long time) TWO HUNDRED FORTY FIVE, to one.

I did the math based on Bucks (plus 250), Nets (plus 600) and Magic (plus 900) on a Kohl’s “flyer.” (Philly won last night also) and in utter despair, I can not (even) shop there.



Well Dad, I just can never “leave one out” (in this case THREE) can I? Sure I am not a degenerate, not even close, but while I can stay away from tracks, casinos and lotteries (all disgusting, government sanctioned entities, that give unfair odds) which is not easy, I can not avoid knowing sports results.

Thus as the therapist, who did not help one bit when Mom died, devised, I can and seemingly “must” bet small (one dollar often is the case), on what I believe will happen.

Last night I failed to do so and as the rainy, depressing day begins, Trump elected, empty, alone, unfulfilled, the added burden of this, is much to bear.

However, I will!

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